A 2.33 ct round brilliant Laboratory Grown Diamond

The most radiant diamond shape of them all, the round brilliant cut is a timeless classic. Rings beautifully crafted by hand, offering exquisite quality and sparkle.
A 2.33ct round brilliant Laboratory Grown Diamond, flanked by two tapered baguette cut diamonds. Mounted in platinum.
Certified IGI.

Fine Jewellery With a Consciensce Made – Not Mined

The same signature setting and craftsmanship along with a sustainable gem

Just diamond – No mining
The same shine and uniqueness,
with high humanitarian and environmental value

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.
They contain the same cubic crystalline form of pure carbon that is also found
in natural diamonds. Both natural and lab diamonds offer the same visual and
chemical qualities, bringing long-lasting brilliance to any piece of high-quality

Indulge in luxury without guilt
Certified And Graded